Thursday, May 18, 2017

Spring soccer season

Jarin & the wolf pack.  Dustin was his coach this year.  And despite having 2 boys on the team who had never played soccer...they had a winning record!
Jarin taking the ball down field.
 Jarin kicking the ball out between 2 defenders to his forwards.
 He shoots....he scores!
 Lots of goals this year for Jarin which was lots of fun!
 Russ & the green ninjas.  After struggling through the fall season Russ has found his way on the field!
 He shoots...he scores!
 Russ taking the ball away from his defender.
 Another goal!
 Nothing beats the 'I just scored a goal' smile!
 He's having fun!
 Arms up in the air, Russ is shouting 'I'm open, pass, pass!'
 Lucy & the strikers.  They moved up to D1 so it's been a challenge to win games, but they have been extremely competitive which was great.
 Lucy, always on the run.  She plays almost the entire game and doesn't get tired!
 The coach has had Lucy as center mid most of this season because she is the best passer on the team!
 Ball is being thrown in and Lucy is on the move to get open.
  Checking to the ball.
 And then there's Hank...their most loyal fan.  He gets to watch 3 soccer games ever Saturday, and play on the playground a bit too!
 Love this pic!
 Zoom!  Zoom!
 Profile smirk.


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