Friday, September 12, 2014

1st Bi-Annual Banks Family Reunion

Day 1: Yellowstone
First Elk sighting, just on the other side of the river.
 I told them to express themselves...
 First buffalo sighting.
 Old Faithful.
Grandma's 'Old Faithful'. ;)
 Strike a pose, boys.
The three musketeers.
Picnic lunch.
The little's.
 The big's. 
(And there's the babies...who were rarely photographed;)
My Mom's having fun!
Carrie's craft, tic tac toe boards.
Woof'um time!
Day 2: Fun And Games 
Waiting for the fish...
Grandma's giant bubbles were a huge success!
 Kelsi's water sports bought out Jarin's muscles.
 Dip in the cold lake.
 Even Kelsi got in. You go girl!
Day 3: Our Indoor Day
In the Beaver den relaxin'.
 Too busy during the talent show to take's a couple Grandma took.
Tyler's family photos...missing Laurie. :(
Other things to remember: Shannon's fun scavenger hunt, badminton, adult volleyball, cold rainy weather, fishing, yummy group dinners & desserts, West Yellowstone, playing board games, campfires, collecting feathers for Grandpa to pay them, Grandma's glow stick balloons, kickball crochet, bingo, the world's hardest puzzle, Grandpa's thin pancake breakfast, and Kelsi's bat in her cabin!  I'm sure I'm forgeting something because I have a terrible memory, but it was truly great!

I am so impressed with everyone's amazing contributions to the family talent show that I want to write them down so I'll never forget.  Brady's jokes, Lucy's number as Glenda the Good Witch to 'Popular', Aaron & Wesley showing us how to eat a pie, Sydnie, Lainey, & Lucy's dance routine to 'Brave', Tyler & Carrie lip syncing to 'Love is an Open Door', Lila doing a cute little dance with Lainey's help, Sydnie & Lainey doing the shark skit with Ava & Holden, Jarin singing 'Book of Mormon Stories' dressed as a warrior, Danner writing a rap about every single member of our family with Kelsi & Holden as his hype dancers, Landon standing on his head, Lucy & I doing a dance routine to 'Boom Boom Pow', Grandma & Grandpa teaching a sing-a-long to songs they sang as kids 'Grandma's Feather Bed' & 'Little Arrows', and my Dad praising my mom for starting this family and singing the song played at their wedding, John Denver 'Annie's Song'.  And then we did one of the things that Banks's do best...we rocked it out with a dance party!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Just Playing Around

We find Jarin many nights sleeping in strange places and wearing strange outfits (or nothing at all).  Once we found him in his laundry hamper, asleep, in the closet.
 Lucy had a soccer tournament that was in conjunction with the Weber County fair so we walked around there for a bit.  The kids danced in front of everyone to some live music, but all my pics were blurry.
 This calf was only a couple of hours old!
 We went to a trampoline park with friends...most of the photos were blurry.
 Jarin and Russ loved playing dodge ball.
 Dustin and Lucy went to a daddy daughter stake activity.  Lucy was so sad when she had to wash off her unicorn.
 Hilarious bros.
This was the first picture I took at the dinosaur park, Russ thought they were real.
 The kids love the activity center.
While Russ was swinging he could hear the dino roars and he kept joining in!
Other August events worth remembering:  Kids Appreciation Day,  Rio 2 & Lego Movie $1 theater kids club, and lots of soccer!  Lucy had two tournaments and did great!  Our Banks family reunion was at the end of the month which I'll post separately.