Sunday, February 18, 2018

Valentines Day is the best!

The first Valentine I sent was to my amazing missionary mama!  I made some mini matching cards with sayings like, 'With a grab, King crab'.  I am anxious to see both my parents this summer! 
The next Valentine was sent to Kari in Colorado, my neighbor's sister!  She has had, what seems to me as, some very insurmountable trials and I am amazed at her fortitude and her shear will to survive!  With the help of Mary, we covered this 24 foot frame in numbered hearts from 14-28...a Valentines advent calender!  We put little goodies in each pocket  and hope she feels extra warmth and love for the month!
My homemade Valentine boxes for the kids.  Lucy got one but was at soccer when the boys opened theirs.
Jarin's new spectacles in his box!
And mini whoopee cushions!
Russ's new spectacles!
'Hey, you guys!' -Goonies
Hank's new teeth!  Lucy got teeth too.
Another Valentine was to a family in our ward who I thought could use some added love.  So Lucy and I did a heart attack on their door!  We did it the night before Valentines at 10 pm.  Always gets the blood pumping to be sneaky doing good!
Another Valentine was for my single bestie, Mary.  Pumpkin bars and a little note to make sure she knows how much she is loved!
Picture of some very loving women in my life!
And last but certainly not least, Dustin and I keep it low key, dinner and cards, but I was feeling extra festive this year and got 2 Hale Center comedy tickets since Dustin's never been.  LOVE is the answer, the motivator, the goal, the end all, and the reason we are here!   

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Leo Johnson

A walk down memory lane with a few photos since Dustin was born.
Me and My Grandpa.
Lucy and Grandpa.
Jarin and Grandpa.
Russ and Grandpa. 
 2012 Johnson Family Reunion.
  Families are Forever.
Hank and Grandpa.
Grandpa was diagnosed with cancer at age 93 and lived 3 more months fairly pain free.  He didn't complain, his response was, 'I have lived a good life'.  I feel so blessed to live so close to him and Shirley!  I was able to go play cards with Shirley regularly and visit with Leo.  We saw them on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We saw them around New Years.  These are memories I will cherish forever!  

One day, I got a text from Joy asking if I would take some medication over to Shirley because her shoulder was bothering her.  With my schedule I debated whether to go myself or ask Dustin.  In the end I decided to go, which I know was a prompting from my Heavenly Father as was Joy's request.  I took over some other goodies:  meds, straws for Leo, mini drinking cups for Leo, homemade fudge, and fruit dip which Leo gobbled up!  Leo looked wonderful which was different from a few days earlier, he had been confused and I had the sweet experience of tucking him into his bed for the night.  He was alert walking around, grabbed both my arms while we talked, and smiled his perfect smile!  

I stayed a few minutes but left to get back to my kids.  I didn't say goodbye formally like I usually did with a hug and a kiss, but I feel at peace knowing I was there that day.  He passed away a few days later after Joy came for another visit.  He was perfect in my eyes: kind, sincere, funny, genuine, intelligent, curious, thoughtful, loving, generous, spiritual, hardworking, active, sweet, smart, honest, brave, trustworthy, friendly, faithful...I could go on and on and on!  I look forward to knowing him in his prime after this life!

Sunflower vases I made for his girls; will always remind me of Leo.
Leo was a World War II veteran participating in 5 campaigns across Europe.  He was awarded the Purple Heart (wounded in Anzio Beachhead, Italy), the Bronze Star and several other citations.  Volunteer veterans did a three gun salute and bugle in his honor.
 His grandchildren.
 Three Beautiful Women!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Lucy's Las Vegas Cup

Lucy and I raced to Vegas after staying for 30 minutes of Leo's funeral.  We ate in the car and only stopped once for gas and restrooms.  We prayed for no traffic or accidents and thankfully we made it for her first game!  The field was excellent, easy opponent, Lucy scored, 9-0 final score!  We celebrated her goal with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and cheesecake of course!  Then we went back to the hotel and boy were there a lot of teams!  I was fading fast with only one working elevator, getting the keys, tag for my car, and luggage up 11 flights of stairs all very late at night.  We shared a room and slept on the worst pull out sofa ever.

Saturday we woke up and went to her first game.  Lucy was complaining about some soreness behind her knee; she hoped playing would loosen it up.  The opponent was more difficult and we tied 0-0.  We had a few hours to kill and went with Carrie, the team manager, to get some birthday treats since it was coach Tom's birthday.  We got back to the field around 2 pm and I was starving.  I pulled out my homemade salad and added some tuna.  There were lots of bees at this field and then all the sudden I felt the worst pain in my mouth and spit my food out!  I thought, did I eat a bee?  I didn't see one.  My tongue hurt so bad!  Later other parents mentioned they had bee stings in their mouths!  The rest of the day was painful for me and for Lucy too!  

The pain behind her knee was worse after the 2nd game and she is the worst when she's in pain!  She wants no one to know and she doesn't want to talk about it so I am trying to help her but when you won't open up and we're not alone and in an unusual environment it is difficult.  Before the 3rd game started she told me she wanted me to tell the coach she had a tight muscle.  So they played her some of the first and at the start of the 2nd and then she was out.  She was holding her position well but she wasn't using that leg at all.  They lost the 3rd game 2-1 but it was super unfortunate as they called a foul with 5 minutes left and it actually looked clean.  It gave the other team a chance to shoot on goal and they scored.  

3 games in 24 hours, they were fighters!  We celebrated with a team dinner at Hash House A Go Go.  It was good food but I could barely swallow.  When we got back to the hotel I actually saw a black dot on the side of my tongue!  I took the girls down to the pool and jacuzzi to play.  I went to bed and told myself I'd be better in the morning!  Well, my tongue was still numb Sunday morning so I took the stinger out carefully with a sharp pin!  And immediately felt better!!!
Sunday we went to a stellar sacrament meeting and then to walk the Las Vegas temple grounds.  Here are the beautiful pictures Lucy took on her phone!
Here are a few pictures I took...
 Sunday night musings with some of her teammates.  They also played Jackbox party pack 3 games with their phones which was so much fun!
 Monday morning we swam in the pool and jacuzzi and then hit the Las Vegas outlet mall for some window shopping before driving home.  Working out poolside in Las Vegas in January...I could get used to this!
A few pictures of the boys having fun while the girls were away!