Sunday, March 5, 2017

Shirley's 93rd Birthday & The Lion King

 Dinner, cards, and birthday cake for Grandma Shirley's 93rd birthday!
Hank with his great grandparents...So blessed to be with them!
Special adult steak house dinner for Grandma's birthday!
We went and saw our best buddies, the Burnett's, put on the Lion King at their elementary school.  It was amazing!  Maggie and Jack sang and danced their hearts out and Molly nearly stole the show as Timon with all her jokes and singing!  It was so much fun!
Grandma Huler babysat Hank and Russ which was a real treat!  
I'm sure she's got some pictures of all their fun!

Lucy's life

 Lucy has done Jr. Fire Corps this year with the city's fire dept. teaching preschoolers fire safety thru a skit.  They finished off the year with an ice cream party and performed it for their families.
Also, Lucy cut off 8 inches of her hair and donated her beautiful hair to Children with Hair Loss!
Our elementary school is 1 of 18 (out of 66) in our district that gets to participate in a program called Starbase.  The 6th graders get to spend five days on the air force base doing hands on learning in science, technology, engineering, & math.  They all loved it!  Here is a photo from Starbase graduation.
 R.C. Willey free hotdog crew = money for their soccer team.
 Lucy entered a Lego contest to design a new set for Lego Friends.  If she wins, her family gets to go to Denmark and the Lego headquarters!
 She made a fountain out front and 3 tanks: a scuba tank, a touch tank, & an exotic fish/waterfall tank.  There is a gift shop in the main area, donation box, and cashier.  Animals needed: sting ray, shark, octopus, sea otter, & colorful fish!

President's Weekend

 When Mom's gone with Lucy at a soccer tournament in St. George.  
The boys get to wear any shoes they want!
Dustin took Russ on his own ice fishing trip!
 The boys bought 3 new baby chicks!
 Lucy has the black chick and named her Pretty Lady.  Jarin has the tan chick with stripes and he named her Percy.  Russ has the yellow chick and named her Jace.
 Quadruple Huler boy sandwich!
 Dustin took Jarin to shoot a BB gun and he was over the moon excited...even in a snow squall.
 Winter's got a vice grip on us and won't let go!
 Even in St. George it was rainy and chilly.  Our first stop when we got there was Viva Chicken.  A fresh, fast, Peruvian chicken joint that was so, so good.  If you're ever in North Carolina or St. George you must eat there!  We ate there one last time with some of the team before heading back home.  Saturday, Lucy played 2 soccer games, played board games with Awnalyssia, and had a team pool party.
Sunday we went to the Saint George Temple and visitors center.  They have new videos in the temple visitors center which were great.  Then we went to sacrament meeting.  Later that afternoon we hiked around the red rock which was so cool!
 Hiking through the slot canyon!
Monday they had one more game and then played in the finals against a Las Vegas team.  They had very skilled players, but we hung with them.  We finished in 2nd place!
I had so much fun with this girl!  Lucky to call her my daughter!

Hank's 1st Haircut

 You're gonna do what with my hair?!?
 Lookin' good.
  So busy I forgot to grab his baby hair on the hairdresser's counter!