Friday, July 4, 2014

June Happenings

So the beginning of the month, all I could think about was running my marathon, so it delayed the start of the summer.  But we've managed to have some fun.  I haven't been very good at taking the camera everywhere we go...better luck in July!
So to recap my race, I have to start with my training.  I ended up getting plantar fasciitis.  So needless to say my training got off; it felt like I peaked early so my last few runs were a struggle which is usually not the case.  But I'd signed up and gotten my ticket so I was in and I'd been wanting to run this one for a couple years.  I ran out of gas at about mile 23, but I ran/walked the rest.  There was a discrepancy with my time.  I thought I had ran it in 4:15, but my official time is 4:22.  The course was just so-so: several turn-arounds, tunnels, and the end about 7 miles on the express lanes of I-90 (you run one way and then turn around and go back.)  But I am glad I ran it, the scenery in Seattle is my favorite, and doing it with family there was awesome!  
Swimming lessons.  Lucy learned to love swimming this past session.  Phil was an amazing teacher for her.  She swam the length of the pool, swam in the deep end confidently, and jumped off the diving board and swam to the side.  This was Jarin's first session of swimming lessons and I was a little nervous as he doesn't like to get his face wet in the tub.  But he did great!  He loved his teacher, Hannah, jumped off the side into her arms, dunked his whole head, blew bubbles in the water, and looked under the water with his eyes open.
Lucy jumped off the diving board!
My favorite photo.
We went to the new aquarium with Aunt Laurie!  Our favorite things were the penguins, the shark tank, the sea horses, the sea otters, the jelly fish, taking pictures on the 'fake' killer whales, walking the rope bridge, the stingrays, and the sea worms (don't remember their official name).
They were thinking about touching the star fish, but neither of them could do it.
Kissy kissy, fishy fishy.
Lucy loved petting the stingrays.
What are those crazy animals in the bubble?
Jarin loved going on the rope bridge.
Russ loved the sea otters.  Me too.

What else have we been up to, you ask?  Swimming at the Morgan's pool, soccer practice, primary carnival, splash pad with Evan, library story times, Fat Cats fun center, lots of play time with friends, and we've 'tried' to do Mom's summer school again.  They are not as enthused as last year with math and writing, but we did do an art project, monster feet.  Lucy also made a lemonade stand for her american girl doll and then made mini treats for her doll, Gabby, to sell.  It was funny seeing grown men holding tiny cups and bite-sized brownies.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Professional family photos

We hadn't had a family photo since Jarin was 6 months old...he's almost 5 years it was time.  As always, I use the amazing Kim Orlandini and would recommend her to anyone!  She's awesome.  This is the first time I have gotten the digital now I can share on my blog and put them in my photo book.  Yea!  Here are some of the best ones.  One might come on my Christmas card this winter so act surprised!