Saturday, May 26, 2018

Hank and Russ - Out and About

What to do with an interesting recyclable box? Hmm...
Pretend it is your car and color it, of course!
Lagoon walk with the Burnett's.  Some of the metal keeping this buffalo contained is missing.  Hank did some loud yelling and got a reaction out of the buffalo...a little scary!
Attempted photo jump...
Park play.
Hey, no monkey business!
Super Hank!
Look who's riding without training wheels?  This dude!  Way to go Russ!
Our neighbor and friend Bill, gave us this VW Bug for Hank since it's too big for his granddaughter.  I think Hank is in heaven!

Lucy's happenings

I have the most random pictures from Lucy's soccer season!  I am too busy helping the boys and enjoying the game!  She has had an excellent season as usual!  She holds the middle like a champion and makes valuable, precise passes!  Right now in the Wasatch Classic tournament she has scored in both games they have played and her team is moving up to the highest division for their age, P1!  Way to go Lucy!
I have done lots of fun hair dos, here are just a few...
Lucy's social dance class had an end of year performance.  99% of the 7th graders had 0% facial expressions!  Her partner is actually 6th grade age, but he tested out and is in 7th grade.  Watching the dancing made me want to get up and groove with them!

Life with Jarin

Jarin's Vipers team progressed a lot during their spring season!  This last game Jarin scored the teams only 2 goals and he did much of the scoring during subsequent games.  He has grown in field positioning and aggression!  Way to go Jarin!
Jarin was so excited for his first pinewood derby.  Dustin and Jarin worked well together and I helped with the paint job!
Jarin got SECOND place out of 16 kids!!!  I am so happy for him!
Jack & Jarin
He was not only the fastest car but also the fastest looking car too!

This n' That

We're done with our baby items but there are a thousand cribs for sale on KSL so we took it to the DI.  I hope someone loves these things as much as I did!  All 4 of my babies used this!
Hank needed a new set up since he is potty trained and gets to the restroom on his own.  He is having trouble staying put when he's put down but hopefully over time he'll commit!
Russ gave Hank the train table and got an awesome desk from Mary!
Then I decided the laundry room/coat closet/sewing nook/shoe area/bag storage was too much for one space so all the bags and shoes are in the garage!  Whew, it feels so good to organize!
Now it's just the coat/laundry/sewing room! (Well, Dustin's shoes are still in here because it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks...haha)

Friday, May 25, 2018

Flaming Gorge heats up!

Let the fun begin...
They don't even need Dad!
Slimy hands...
Jarin is set - He has a mini mule water backpack & a tackle box!
I couldn't keep Hank's shoes on him.  Don't you think it would be easier to walk the rocks with shoes on?
Our first trailer trip!
Look how organized these shelves are that Mary & I made!
Jarin's fly fishing!  He even caught one all on his own on the fly rod!
These crawdads don't know what hit them...a whole lot of lovin'!
When bored resort to hand fishing with the net.
Cheetos, one of life's delicious pleasures.
They made a mini lake for the crawdads on top of a big rock and muddied up some walls.  Then someone was always on duty to make sure they didn't escape.
They even tied fishing line around their crawdads and took them for a walk in the lake.
Yes, you are crazy!
Hard day of fishing earns you an ice cream cone!
We found a sandy beach close to where we parked the trailer so on the last day we played there instead of going to the boat ramps.  We actually caught a variety of fish: carp, lake trout, cutthroat, and rainbow!  And boy was it hot!  So hot that the kids spent the day in their swimsuits.  This is rare because usually we are in jackets and there is a strong cool breeze.
Lucy tried to pretend the fish were kissing but then actually got the head stuck in the other fishes mouth!
Crawdad observation, a very important pass time...
They brought 3 crawdads home after much prodding and pleading to their parents.  They died 24 hours later.
The trailer was a success!  We used the heater, the water, the toilet, the shower, the oven, and got it set up without a problem!  Cheers to many, many more trailer adventures!