Thursday, January 8, 2015

20 Random Facts about ME

1.  I love rain storms, thunder, lightning, and fireworks.  I really don't care for snow, not even on Christmas.  Although, I think the intricacy of snowflakes are AMAZING.
2.  I need to run.  It releases stress, anxiety, worries, fears, frustration, confusion...I feel closer to God when I run.  I know He is always listening to my daily conversations with Him, but it feels SO CLEAR when I'm outside running.
3.  I want to go on a hot air balloon ride and go to New York City.
4.  When I get a little random ache or pain Dustin calls it a 'Betsy-ism'.  They usually don't last long.  I don't mind, as long as they go away.
5.  I know my love language is, Words Of Affirmation.  I need good, clear communication.  And, of course, this isn't Dustin's strong suit.
6. My favorite body part is my feet.  A couple years ago I fell down a gravel path and gave myself a good scar.  One of my first thoughts was, 'Oh no, not my feet, they're my favorite!'  But no worries, I still like them!
7.  My mind remembers the motto at my first job.  "Taco Time believes in the ultimate fast food dining experience.  We promise to serve quality food by caring people who go out of there way to exceed expectations."
8.  I can moon walk.
9.  I could easily make the term, 'Beach Bum' a reality.  I love, Love, LOVE the beach.  If I could live at the beach one of my WILDEST dreams would come true.
10.  My favorite animals are random: The orangutan at our local zoo, sand dollars, and beavers.
11.  I have a thing for finding money outside.  I once found a ten and a one dollar bill floating in the air!  And when I'm running I usually find at least one coin.  Heads or tails doesn't matter, ANY coin found is good luck!
12.  I love organizing things...Give me a drawer and let me sort it out...HEAVEN!!!
13.  I am not up to speed with technologically.  I don't text, tweet, instagram, google+, tumblr, etc.  It's OK people...I'm fine.
14.  I am an EXTREME softy when it comes to movies and books.  Only happy endings for me people.  I thought Frozen was sad - too many villains and struggles and a severe lack of communication!  I once watched a Hallmark Christmas movie in July and....I liked it!
15.  If I had extra time and money, I'd take piano lessons, tennis lessons, become a head standing yogi, and try to have my very own dance crew.
16.  When I get really excited I rub my hands on my face in a rapid motion and squeal.  I have seen Lucy doing this and I don't think I've done it around her.  It must be genetic.
17.  I have a small obsession with Babushka's and Nativities.  My husband would classify my nativity collection as a LARGE obsession.  I only have twelve, I think.  And I have a Christmas tree with strictly nativity ornaments or ornaments about Jesus Christ.  It's lovely.
18.  My favorite candy is NECCOS, and I absolutely adore sprouts on sandwiches...They're the best!
19.  If gift giving where a hobby, it would be tops on my list.  I was thinking if I had a free day all to myself, what would I do?  My husband replied shopping with a smirk, but I thought about for myself can get frustrating, but shopping for other people, now that is where the fun is at!
20.  I'm going to start something new on my blog.  I've been thinking about it for awhile, I was worried to commit, but I'll just do the best I can.  Each month I will have one post entitled, FEED MY BODY or FEED MY SPIRIT.  Feed my Body will be a recipe that I love.  Now for me to love a recipe it has to be extremely easy and super delicious (at least to my taste buds).  Feed my Spirit will also be a bite sized treat of something my Spirit has learned or I've been thinking about.  One small thought recorded here for all the world to hear. ;)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

California Christmas

First day was of course, a beach day.
Russ giving treasures to Grandpa Huler.
Russ found an even bigger treasure!
Do you want to build a sand snowman?
Dancing Russ.
Jarin's boat waterway creation!
Jarin the crab.
Lucy the mermaid.
Dustin and Lucy play this game every time they are at the beach!
Day two, the girls go see a play!  The boys get shark tooth necklaces and eat at McDonald's!
Day three, Christmas Eve we sang Christmas songs at a nursery home and gave out poinsettias!
Grandma Huler got a gingerbread house for the kids to build and eat!
That evening we all acted out the nativity story!  Here's Mary.
Here's our shepherd.
Here's Joseph.
Here's our angel, Grandma!
Here's one of the three wise men (and narrator) with Dustin and Grandpa Huler.
I love Joseph's face here as an angel appears to him and tells him Mary is pregnant with the Son of God.
The shepherd said in his sweet Russ voice, 'Go to Bethlehem' and he went to see the baby. 
Look at how angelic Mary's face is.
This is one of the songs we practiced and sang at the nursing home earlier.
Day four, Christmas.  Santa gave Jarin lots of Legos!
Russ got a three wheeler and trike in one from Santa!
Santa gave Lucy doll accessories: craft book, hair book, mini backpack books, earrings, sunglasses, matching outfits, and a salon chair.
Christmas morning family photo...thanks Grandpa Huler!
Lucy and Gabby...matchy, matchy.
The kids got an air-hockey table from Grandma and Grandpa Huler!
Caught Lucy mid sentence saying,'We got a Wii from Aunt Laurie!'  They are ecstatic and play it once most everyday!
Christmas afternoon and evening Uncle Merrill came and it was fun to see him and spend time with him.
Day Five, we went to a different beach.  It was a little cooler, but always a blast!  Dustin, Lucy, and Jarin collected sea glass on the beach, a whole jar's worth!
We've hit the cheesy grin stage with Russ, oh goody!
Playground at the beach.  What more could you ask for?
They built a lost ancient city.
Russ says to me, 'Look mom, I buried my leg!'
He remembers the big kids doing it the other day.  He was just as excited to free himself as he was to bury his leg!
We saw dolphins on our first beach day and a seal on the second beach day.  Not too shabby.
Three kids looking at me...a Christmas miracle!
Day six, we played tennis, walked Solvang, and Dustin and I went on a dinner date with Rob and Crystal.  We also brought our badminton set, played cards, ate lots of yummy food, and had loads of fun!  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Huler!