Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Russ's 3rd Birthday

On Russ's actual birthday, I was at BYU Women's Conference with these lovely ladies. 
 So we celebrated on Saturday.  First we went to Jarin's soccer game.  Then we went to the Safety Fair with Darin & Evan.  They had a helicopter, a slide, freebies, fire trucks, games, and more!
That evening we went to Lucy's soccer game and then he got this pool from Jarin so they enjoyed that while Carrie and I made dinner.
 After dinner he opened presents so fast that it was hard to get a focused picture.  Then we had chick-a-dee cake and ice cream!
I can't believe Russ is already 3!  He loves Legos, being active - wrestling & running around, telling us what he's thinking, and doing anything his big brother is doing!  We're so happy he's in our family!

Lucy's Birthday at Flaming Gorge

Day 1 - Lucy's birthday.  Little windy, some fish, campfire hot dogs, and s'mores.  And presents!
Birthday Trout!
Day 2 - We got serious about our fishing...and the fishing was hot!  We also had fun playing in the dirt and hiking around a lot.  We had Navajo tacos and brought Lucy cupcakes to celebrate her birthday!
Russ's video is a little long...he's figuring out how to reel.  We should have done a video on day 3 because he had down by then!
 Lucy practiced fly fishing quite a bit and is getting better.  This one got away from her, but many did not!
 This photo is to document that while Dustin was away cleaning fish, I had like ten bites on the fly pole and brought five of them in and released them...all by myself!
Day 3 - Same spot for the morning before driving home.  We had a blast.  The weather was perfect and the fishing was perfect...couldn't have asked for anything more!
Russ photo session.