Wednesday, October 8, 2014

'Run or Dye' and 'Monster's Elementary'

Lucy and I did a 5k color run!  These are the before shots.
Lucy's soccer teammate also participated with her mom.  These are the after photos. 
Lucy did a play at her school called Monster's Elementary.  She had several lines and sang one line of a song on her own!
 The pictures are blurry, but she's wearing that crazy headband, yellow tutu, and pink slippers to help you spot her.

Jarin's 5th Birthday

Jarin had a cowboy birthday party with five of his closest friends.  First they started with games:  drop a snake in the boot, lasso the horse, squirt/shoot the tissue bears, and dig for gold.  They got a treasure at each game to put in their loot bag.  Then they hit the pinata, had cake and ice cream, and Jarin opened presents.  Then we played a little trick on the kids.  Lucy took their loot bags out of the garage and hid them.  

When they went back out to the garage they knew their bags were missing.  There was a note, 'I'm a bandit and I robbed you today, if you want your loot back, you've got to do what I say.'  They did a little scavenger hunt and followed several more clues until Lucy gave them their loot back.  They all had a great time, especially Jarin!  He loved being the star of the party, Lucy loved being the party helper, and Russ took a nap through the whole thing. 
 Legos were his favorite gift.

Fishing, Soccer, and Bugs

Can you find the dragonfly?
Trying to take pictures at Jarin's soccer game, but Russ made sure I took his picture too!
Jarin is enjoying his soccer team and scores multiple goals every game...except for his first game in which the intensity of the game overwhelmed him to tears.
After every goal Jarin makes he does two thumbs up with a big smile!
Lots of break aways.
Here's a picture of Dustin who takes lots of fishing trips.
I took a few pictures at two of Lucy's soccer games.  She's number ten in white.
 Lucy's ready and waiting right in front of the goal to tap the ball in.  She's made a goal in both of her last two games!
We found a leaf bug in the backyard.
 This game they're in red, Lucy's right in the center
 Strikers team.
 Another great photo of Jarin's unusual sleeping spots, under Mom and Dad's bed.

Labor Day & Canning Totals

We enjoyed spending Labor Day weekend with Grandma and Grandpa Huler: the chocolate factory tour (samples included;), Ogden temple open house, and a beach day!

During most of August and September I canned all the things we harvested.  Canning is so awesome, but very time consuming!  I'm glad to have my life back.
2014 TOTALS:
Peaches - 42 Quarts
Pears - 21 Quarts
Grape Syrup - 24 Pints
Tomatoes - 44 Pints
Salsa - 22 Quarts
Jalapeno Relish - 15 Jelly Jars
Canned Trout - 22 Pints
Dehydrated Pears - 10 cups
Dehydrated Apples - 35 cups
Bread and Butter Refrigerator Pickles - 8 cups