Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lucy the champion

Lucy's soccer team played in a tournament in Mesquite, Nevada.  They played two games and had a shoot out on Friday.  They won all of those so they got to play in the championship on Saturday.  And they won!  Dustin and Jarin took her.  I took care of Hank and Russ at home. Wished I could have been there!  Yea Lucy!
 Final game hairdo!
 Jarin sleeping in the car.
Blurry phone photos.
Pizza party after their championship game.


 All around the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel and to my surprise...
 Pop! Goes the weasel!
 First bites of rice cereal.
Hank is a little over 5 1/2 months old and he is such a cutie.  He loves being around people and smiling.  He rolls around, chats with us, and is starting to move!  He's learning to try and take naps in his crib without his binky.  I would love for him to get on some sort of schedule and sleep through the night, and don't you just love his hair!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas Day

It was a Lego Christmas.  Jarin got the Lion Temple from Santa!
Lucy got the Lego Friends Mall from Santa!
Russ got a Lego 4x4 with trailer and powerboat from Santa!
Lucy gave everyone a gift this year.  She got Hank a diaper!
If Hank could talk: "What is going on?"
Russ seemed most excited for the candy in his stocking.
Grandma and Grandpa Banks with their newest grand kids.
We measured, Hank is a little longer, but is bending his legs here.
Only seven days apart.  Hank was late and Emmett was early.
Bonding time.
Fondue dinner with family!

Christmas card picture outtakes

Sledding the slopes

I was there too...taking all the photos and I did sled a few times!  Hank hung out in the back of the car all bundled up.  Last year we didn't sled at all so we're happy for the snow!