Friday, July 24, 2015

July Summer Fun

Local band.
 Willow Park Zoo.
 Feeding reindeer.
 The boys loved the box turtles and watched them for a solid 30 minutes moving in and out of the water.  We also liked the white fox and the albino porcupine.  Did you know a porcupine has some 30,000 quills!  
 Feeding the ducks.
 Team hair do for a soccer tournament.
 Lucy's done tennis lessons during July and has loved her coach, Fritz.
 I took the kids to Get Air on my birthday to bounce and try some more obstacles.
Ogden Rodeo.
Gotta love Russ's facial expressions!
Close ups of the kiddos.
 Russ never wants me to take his picture...frustrating.
 Other fun activities to note: 24 cups of raspberry freezer jam from our own berry patch, Mr. Peabody and Sherman at the theater, 2 soccer tournaments, playing with Banks cousins one afternoon (my kids loved it!), Lucy activity days pool party, dinner party & outdoor movie at the Wessell's (surprise Amy's pregnant!), Ward BBQ, Surf n' Swim, and buying fall/school clothes at Kid to Kid.  Jarin and Lucy just need shoes and winter coats.  Over the course of the last three months I have made three blog books for 2010 - 2013! 

Independence Day

Parade in the mornng.
 4th of July hair do.
 Slide time.
 Bounce time.
Favorite shot of Russ!
Favorite shot of Jarin!
 Russ with the twins.  He loves babies!
 Favorite shot of Lucy...even if her hair do fell!
 Lucy's time to shine!
 Check out how great Jarin plays the air guitar!
 Russ is our resident break dancer!
It was a great night.  We ate Maddox, played & danced in Henefer, and saw fireworks in Morgan.  Uncle Darin brought sparklers which my kids loved!