Monday, July 31, 2017

Foam Glow 5k Run

The ultimate photo.
We did a color run and wished we had googles, but we actually didn't end up needing any for this 5k.
Let the foam fun begin!
Beauty shot.
Fun shot.
Sweet shot.
After the race we tried to capture how crazy the glowing foam made our skin look, but the pictures don't do it justice!  We were glowing!
We danced more than we ran!  There was pre-race dancing and then a post race party.  The base was so loud it shook our insides.  We had a blast dancing the night away!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Hank turns 2!

Hank's birthday was during the Park City Cup so we celebrated that following Sunday.  It started out with a new ride!
'I got how many bubbles?'
'Look at the picture Russ colored for me!'
We can never have enough trucks!
Bubble blower sequence...
The face of birthday cupcake satisfaction!
During his birthday and beyond instead of saying Happy Birthday, Hank says, 'Happy Day!'  We all smile when he lets us know it is a happy day!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July Insanity

Two days after Lagoon it was my birthday and I made myself a very special cake!!!  Huckleberries!!  My Mom & Dad picked!  So grateful they shared with me!  We invited Grandma and Grandpa Johnson over for dessert and to play cards.  Perfect way to ring in another year!
Two days later Lucy went to girls camp!  Here's some fun the boys had while missing Lucy.
Invention workshop for kids at the library.  They were in heaven getting to use whatever they could find to make creations!  Of course, they want to keep them for forever!
Hill Air Force Base Museum.
Then two days later, Jarin and Russ went on a Father and sons camp out with Dustin!
  Then two days later, we got tickets from Gena, one of our favorite people, to go to the Rodeo!
Good one of Lucy!
Get ready to view Hank's excitement...
We even saw some of the bull riders this year!
Park City Cup
Jarin and Lucy also participated in the Strikers Cup but I didn't get any pics.  In between games at the Park City Cup I took the boys to Olympic Park.  I had never been and it was awesome!  We mostly watched, but we saw lots of ski jumpers practicing on grass, people zip lining, Winter game exhibits, and they had a world championship rock climbing tournament!  A gentleman working there talking to us, pointed to the guy dandling on the wall over hanging an enormous pool and said, "He's the best rock climber in the world."  There was a climbing interactive playground that the boys really enjoyed too!