Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Break

This spring break was all about enjoying life's simple pleasures.
Friday: We had a picnic at the park.  And then fun with the babysitter while Mom and Dad went to the temple.
Monday: Target & Michael's shopping for reunion goodies and birthday favors.  Got some free tickets to FatCats Fun Center so we bowled and play the arcade games for FHE.
They loved the shoes.
 Jarin commented at the beginning that he 'was coming to learn and practice'.  He would get so excited when he knocked down some pins!
Love Jarin's pose as he waits and watches.  And we can't miss Russ's pose, duck and hide.
 We are now entering the 'scrunch up your face when asked to smile' phase...oh, goodie!
 They loved dancing on the slick floor.  I see Lucy's jazz hands in the background.  Dude, that's one serious dance face!
Things I love about the video.  His running start got longer and longer each time he bowled, then he takes a knee, me pathetically trying to get a reaction out of him, me sounding like a 'woo' girl, and lastly after each bowl he runs to look at the screen to see his name lit up to bowl again...since Lucy got to bowl three times at the end of one game when she got a spare.
Tuesday:  It was a foodie day: Sugar cereal for breakfast, Trix, what a treat.  Eggs and toast for lunch thanks to our chickens.  Supreme Nachos for dinner and as we like to say, 'Is it a keeper or a weeper?'  Keeper!  Story time at the library and maxed out our card - 39 books!  And while we enjoyed sunshine on Friday, Tuesday we enjoyed falling snow for 4 hours!  So the kids got on their snowsuits and made Olaf in the backyard!  Gotta love spring weather!  That's it, spring break's over, short and sweet.

March 26, 2014

Lucy's Piano Recital.  She did an awesome job!  Her glances were to her teacher.  She was required to memorize her two pieces.  Next time we'll work on smiling. ;)
 Simple Machine Fair: The Reverse Mini Toy Claw Machine.  We combined two online ideas to make her machine.  We used a wedge, wheel & axle, pulley, and incline plane.  She had a line of kids waiting to see her machine most of the fair.  She even let the kids keep a tiny toy!  We both really enjoyed decorating the machine, we even did the sides too!
I'm not the best at recording as you will plainly see, but I thought we should show how her machine works!

Friday, March 21, 2014

School - Crazy Hair Day


 Mother hen, Russ trying to sit on his chicks.
 Meet Russ's chicken, Gus Gus.
 Meet Lucy's chicken, Pinkie.
We got a new chicken for Lucy because last year, she first accidentally got a rooster, then she got a chicken that didn't lay eggs.  Except just the other day, that chicken that wasn't laying eggs...started laying year late...Go Queenie!

Russ Picture Sequence

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Beach Love

Russ's first ocean touch.
 Russ's first touch of sand in his toes.
 'Hey, mom, look!  There's the ocean!'
 'I like it here.'
I do too Russ...I have a tiny obsession with the beach.
 Shell collection.
 Sand crab hunting.
 Buried treasure in the center. (Their seashell collection)
 Sea anemone squishing.
 Sand crab found!
 Lucy mid cartwheel.
 Seaweed monsters...
 Muddy sand skin.
 Park pics.
Another beach day. 
 Beach beauty.
 Jarin's favorite new game, beach ball.  Throw a ball into the waves and it comes right back.
Look at that sky and that sand, and those kids = Perfection!
 Nothing like a sand five o'clock shadow on a one year old.
 Sand monster Jarin...
 Sand mermaid Lucy.
After going to the theme parks we spent three days with Grandma and Grandpa Huler.  We enjoyed the sunny weather, two beaches, Valentines day, a park trip, and a family feast with Uncle Merrill.