Saturday, June 24, 2017

Russ's Thoughts

Questions by Betsy.  Answers are word for word Russ's response.

1.  What is something mom always says to you?  Love me.

2.  What makes mom happy?  To give her a flower.

3.  What makes mom sad?  To give her a bad plant.

4.  How does your mom make you laugh?  When her tickles my armpit.

5.  What did your mom like as a child?  Her liked dollies.

6.  How old is your mom?  23.

7.  How tall is your mom?  1 feet. Cause 1 feet is tall.

8.  What is her favorite thing to do? Her favorite thing to do is doing chores.

9.  What does your mom do when you're not around?  You would be sad.

10.  If your mom becomes famous what will it be for? To be pretty.

11.  What is your mom really good at?  Doing chores.

12.  What is your mom not very good at? Nothing.

13.  What does your mom do for a job?  Her just does chores.

14.  What is your mom's favorite food?  Smoothies.

15.  What makes you proud of your mom?  To give her something.

16.  If your mom were a cartoon character, who would she be?  Her would be on the cartoon show. Paw Patrol, the dragon that is guarding the Paw Patrol house and you are the girl Paw Patrol. Me: 'Ok, so am I the girl or the dragon?'  You're the girl, I'm the dragon!

17.  What do you and your mom do together? We just do chores.

18.  How are you and your mom the same?  We're not the same.

19.  How are you and your mom different?  Sigh...I do not like these ones. (Meaning the last two questions.)

20.  How do you know your mom loves you?  'Cause when I was a baby her thinked I was cute.

21.  What does your mom like about your dad?  She likes about dad, my dad gave her a ring. Like that and that. (Pointing to the 2 rings on my hands)

22.  Where is your mom's favorite place to go?  To a restaurant.

I did this with Lucy and Jarin when they were around the same age.  Russ is 5.  Some of the answers were the same which I thought was pretty cute.  Russ is such a good helper around the house, as you read, we do lots of chores!  He also loves doing his letter workbook and is excited for kindergarten.  He so eagerly wants to do all that the big kids are doing and experiencing.  And he is sure a charmer when he wants to be, saying things like, 'I love this dinner you made me mom!'  But he can be as stubborn as a mule when he wants to be too!  He says the nicest prayers always asking that the Spirit be with us!  We love you Russ!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Spring soccer season

Jarin & the wolf pack.  Dustin was his coach this year.  And despite having 2 boys on the team who had never played soccer...they had a winning record!
Jarin taking the ball down field.
 Jarin kicking the ball out between 2 defenders to his forwards.
 He shoots....he scores!
 Lots of goals this year for Jarin which was lots of fun!
 Russ & the green ninjas.  After struggling through the fall season Russ has found his way on the field!
 He shoots...he scores!
 Russ taking the ball away from his defender.
 Another goal!
 Nothing beats the 'I just scored a goal' smile!
 He's having fun!
 Arms up in the air, Russ is shouting 'I'm open, pass, pass!'
 Lucy & the strikers.  They moved up to D1 so it's been a challenge to win games, but they have been extremely competitive which was great.
 Lucy, always on the run.  She plays almost the entire game and doesn't get tired!
 The coach has had Lucy as center mid most of this season because she is the best passer on the team!
 Ball is being thrown in and Lucy is on the move to get open.
  Checking to the ball.
 And then there's Hank...their most loyal fan.  He gets to watch 3 soccer games ever Saturday, and play on the playground a bit too!
 Love this pic!
 Zoom!  Zoom!
 Profile smirk.

Russ's Friend Birthday Party

 Russ choose the theme...Trains!
 They started by coloring their train tickets.
 Next they did conductor training.
1. Can't catch the caboose.
 2. Boulder Pit - Had to dig through the rocks to find the gems.
 This wasn't the favorite. The gems where in the crumbled newspaper so it was difficult.
 3. Coal in the hole.
 4. Shifting gears.
5. Hauling Freight....each other!!!  This might have been their favorite.
6. Signal crossing - it's a race!
 Once they completed all six games they were given their conductor hats...they're official!
 Refueling station - Cheetos, pizza, & watermelon.
 Baggage Claim - Opening presents!
 Switching freight - from the pinata to the boys!
 Hank wanted in on the action!
 Collecting their freight!
 Tain cake and ice cream.  Success!  They all had fun!