Monday, August 7, 2017

Lucy soccer drills - Another guy bites the dust...

This was posted on Wasatch's Soccer Club Facebook page!  Lucy was highlighted for checking a boy who told the trainers he was going to rainbow her and then watch how she responds!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

4th of July

As usual, we had a blast and I took waaaay too many photos!
Kinlee came which made it even more fun!  Love that girl!
Dance party goin' down!
Super Grover!
Can you spot the's not in Russ's mouth!
Russ's favorite move - The Dab.
Selfie while waiting to take a selfie with Chris...
Then chasing Chris into a dark corner for a selfie...
The fireworks show was delayed, not sure why.  We waited a good 45 minutes until Dustin said we're done waiting.  Then driving down the highway we could see they finally started so he drove back and we watched them from the car!  What a nice guy that Dustin is!

Interactive Aquarium And Ogden Peaks Soccer Tournament

New fun aquarium close to home...score!  They got to touch everything, which is always more exciting!
Can you spot the octopus?
Can you spot the snake?
Behind Lucy and Jarin is...
This guy!
Hank loved petting the trout!
Shark egg...Can you see it in there...So COOL!
Their favorite was petting sting rays for over an hour!
Typical facials...
Lucy's new team played in their first tournament.  We had lots of guest players as some teammates were out of town. But they did great; so much passing and ball fun to watch!  One game Thursday, two Friday, and the finals on Saturday.  In the final they were down 2 goals at the half, but shortly after Lucy scored the first goal for her team and then they scored 2 more goals to win it all!  Epic!