Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Sunday, March 29th - Going to church.
 Saturday, April 4th - Bunny Day looking at their baskets from the Easter bunny.
 Jarin & Russ both got some Chima Legos in their baskets!
 Looking for eggs the Easter bunny left in our backyard.
 This is the face you make when Mom says no more Easter candy in the morning.
 Egg Hunt at our friends house up the street.  She goes all out - hundreds of eggs, prizes, doughnuts, trampoline...the kids love it!
Sunday, April 5th - Gospel artwork display made while watching general conference.
We enjoyed spending the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa, and we had a yummy Easter dinner with all the Huler's.

Spring Break

Sunday we enjoyed making sugar cookies and decorating them.  Monday we had a picnic in the park, Tuesday we went to story time (we're quite attached to our children's librarian;), and Wednessday we decorated Easter eggs with dye and drew on some with crayola crayons.  Thursday we went to the zoo and I do have pictures of that day.  It's easy to take pictures when they are jumping on things or standing in front of animals and saying, 'Mom, take my picture.'  We also went to Farr's ice cream one night with Dad...super delicious!  Friday, we got the house cleaned up to have Grandma and Grandpa Huler stay with us for the weekend.  Fun, fun, fun!
 Some nice lady asked me if I wanted to be in the photo.
 A brand new baby orangutan....soooo cute!
 Jarin's favorite part was watching the rhinos eat their lunch.
 Lucy's pose is for Aunt Laurie...remember the aquarium?
 Lucy's favorite animal, the sloth...can you find him?
 Lucy asked to take some animal pictures.
 Look at all their tails together.
 The train ride was the highlight for Russ!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Russ is Growing Up!

So many things to remember about Russ!  He's growing up so fast...he has a new room and a regular bed which he loves.  He loves to wrestle, he is already pretty good at kicking a soccer ball, he's a great dancer (as you saw in the beginning video), and he loves playing with Jarin.  

He says, 'What's that say?' which means what is the name of the thing I'm pointing at.  He's a really good talker, he loves saying the words 'bad guys' and 'freaky', he loves trucks, and pretending he has a gun (thanks to having a big brother;).  

When he's eating he loves having us tell him, 'Don't eat your veggies' so then he'll take a bite. He'll repeat a scripture in FHE that someone says to him and he repeats it with gusto and feeling in his two year old voice which we all love to hear. Russ's HUGE cuteness factor gets him most of what he wants and makes us forget any tantrums he throws.
Love you dude!

Lucy Huler

Valentine's box she made for school.
Lucy had a great indoor soccer season.  She made many goals, not many photos were taken.  It is extremely fast so most photos were blurry.  In one of her last indoor games she made seven goals!  She is always talking with her coach while off the field during the game.  

Dustin and I asked her what she was talking with her coach about and she said, 'I just ask her what I need to work on and how can I improve so when I go back out there I can do what she said.'  What a smart cookie!  They had a scrimmage before their spring outdoor season; Lucy made the only goal for her team.  She is fierce!
Chalk balloons are carrying Lucy and Courtney away!
Lucy's creativity is off the charts - writing stories, making plays, drawing pictures, making fruit kabobs for dinner, and for Easter, she got a sketch book to do fashion design...her designs were amazing!  Within two days she filled up the whole book. 
There was a 4th grade contest at school where they had to do a drawing with water.  She looked up pictures on the computer and choose this elephant.  Thirty minutes later this is what she came up with...just from looking at the photo!
I also want to remember how helpful Lucy is with her brothers and me; she's always helping Jarin build Legos, helping put them to bed when Dustin is gone, reading Geronimo Stilton to Jarin, babysitting them when I need to run a quick errand, and much more.  All I need is one daughter since she's simply the best!