Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Magleby Memorial Day

We were invited to go boating with our friends and it was lots of fun!
 Taking a dip.
 Group shot.
 Lucy water skiing.
 Babies boating = napping.
 Dustin surfing.
 I wake boarded and tried surfing too.
 Love their joy filled faces!
 I'm not sure if Jarin is having fun?
 Lots of fun with their music speakers!
 Four happy kiddos!
Karaoke tubing, it's a thing.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Random spring photographs #2

King Carnival. Lucy on the rock climbing wall.
 The most amazing rainbow Lucy and I have ever seen...the picture does not do it justice!
 Dustin put up a basketball hoop and it's a hit!
 MESA club: bridge weight contest and star gazing end of year party.
 Hair cut!  Waited 6 months and donated 11 inches!
 "Wasn't me!"  He is cruising the walls and furniture and stands alone.  And is into everything...unraveling toilet paper, taking trash out of the trash cans, emptying cabinets....oh, goody!
 Find the dove in her nest in our grape vines.
 We are documenting that Hank loves sucking on my chin.  Luckily no teeth, otherwise this would be painful.  But one tooth has finally broken through his gums at ten and a half months old!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Flaming Gorge

Fish on, Jarin.
 Fish on, Russ.
 Fish on, Lucy.
 Lap buddy, Hank.
 Play with your food, veggie straws.
 Hank stayed on my lap pretty much the entire trip.  This was tricky with other people to help, but of course, an hour before we were going to leave he started to explore!
 Here piggy, piggy.
Antelope Flats was where it was at this time around.
The kids built a canal into the lake and all the dirt they were distributing into the water brought the fish in. It was a win - win!
Finished canal. I posted several pics because Russ made a variety of expressions!
At the cabin.