Saturday, November 12, 2016

More October Fun!

Days Farm.
 Dustin took Russ on a father/son adventure.  They kayaked & fished!
 Lucy has volunteered in mock disasters for fire fighters in training.
Things we've been up to in September & October - lots of soccer!  Lucy had a great season; her team came in 3rd in the overall standings with older girls, bigger field, and 11 on the field.  Dustin coached Jarin's team and he made lots of goals!  Russ had an interesting first soccer year.  He plays all the time in the backyard but didn't want to play with his team.  It was so frustrating, but he had a great coach who was so patient with him. Finally at the last few games he started to get into it and made a few goals at the last game!  The kids have been fishing at our local pond and they went to the back to school skate night.  Lucy did roller blades.  Jarin got good at roller skating and Russ went around the rink as fast as he could, as many times as he could on a scooter!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hallow's Eve

 Here are my animals!  I must be a zoo keeper.
 Russ the elephant.
 Jarin the giraffe.
 Lucy the flamingo.
Costumes to school for the parade! I helped with Jarin's class party.
 Ready for candy!
Hank is the cutest chicken you ever did see!
 Russ taking Hank by the hand.
The neighborhood mob.
 Halloween porch...our carved pumpkins.
 The spoils from three hours of walking!

Play'in at 2 new Parks!

We've had an incredible fall with beautiful weather!
Hank photo sessions.  Lots of pics of him because I follow him around!
 Spin Hank for different facial expressions.
We had a park picnic in Bountiful Halloween morning since school was out. Afterwards we got free frosty's at Wendy's & Swig sugar cookies!  Then homeward bound to get ready for trick or treating!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016